best gerber machete


Gerber Gears™ is an American survival and military tool brand developed in the late 1930’s, and has been made famous for their knives, machetes other hunting and industrial tools of all sorts. Read more about the best machete. Now some of you might not know, but survival gears actually does sell quite a lot nowadays. From survival knives, to jungle bolos or machetes, and today we’re going to take a closer look at Gerber Gears™’s list of the best gerber machetes they offer.

Do you guys know what machetes are? Machetes are large, cleaver-like knives that usually sizes about 12 to 16 inches in lengths usually used for chopping. Now why would we need machetes for survival? Machetes plays a vital role in survival especially in worst case scenarios, Machetes can be used as something to chop down firewood, it can also be used as a tool for hunting or also, self-defense from wild animals or other harmful creatures that you might encounter in the woods.

Gerber’s machetes are made up of top quality carbon steel blades which make it lightweight and easy to carry. Not only that, they also come in all shapes, sizes and styles depending on your needs and preferences. Let’s start with their original best gerber machete, the Gator machete is a two purpose machete that’s designed with a 15 inch razor sharp fine edge blade on the frontal side and a top quality 18 inch saw blade at the back part for dual purpose functionality, it can be used on either the wilderness or even your backyard. Second is the Gerber Gator Kukri machete, the Kukri is inspired from the traditional Nepali weapon. This 12 inch curved up blade has a three way purpose, the pointy tip that does the piercing, the wide and sharp mid part of the blade for chopping and the narrow part of the blade near the handle is for carving purposes. Functionality and looks nailed in one machete. But I think the best gerber machete would be the Gator Bolo Machete, this big boy is a 15.5 inch razor sharp heavy blade designed for heavy duty chopping will chop things in a heartbeat, compared to the other survival machetes in terms of chopping ability, I’d strongly recommend this one. Now if you guys are interested in getting these, you can check up on their online shop at Read about the best pink pocket knife.